About Us


Who are we?


Founded on 17th October 2014 by Tejas Jhaveri, Flintstop was started for one sole reason: to make your life a tad bit easier whilst adding some fun and colour by finally finishing it off with a side of a smile. The name ‘Flintstop’ dives deeper into its meaning for we’re certain that when an idea comes along, we’re hell bent on curating it if it’s attainable. You could mildly put it as striking stones together to create a spark which we call an idea and finally, a small evolution of technology emerges in our own way, to make your world a better and faster place to be.


Why we do what we do?


Well, let’s just say you wake up every morning drinking coffee in the same mug, going to the same office, using the same pen and paper, coming back home and finding yourself doused in front of the TV, watching the same show as you do. This is where we come in; you may go ahead and ask why. Well, an exciting life wouldn’t hurt anyone yes? Let’s spice that up for you, shall we?


You’ll still wake up every morning drinking coffee but in a mug that helps you stir itself to perfection and in seconds. You’ll sit at the same desk but with a pop of colour using a notebook that will make you smile and your eyes gleam whenever you sit down to write your to-dos. And when you’ll come back home to catch up on your favourite episode every day, you’ll make your couch your favourite with the remote carefully stacked by your side in an orderly manner without the hassle of searching for it. Now, which life would you pick, dare we ask?


This is exactly who we are. We are a novel brand by Technorati solutions and we aim to introduce you to a technologically advanced lifestyle. We believe in an exciting life and an enjoyable one coupled with ingenious solutions provided by us (read extremely cool gadgets) to ward off those blues and to keep you smiling all day, every day.


Well, we have a little icing on the cake too! Our products are the smartest way to treat yourself to quirky gadgets that are easy on the pockets and will introduce you to a whole new way of life which we call, the ‘exceptionally funtastic’ way.

Need we say more?


 Additional Services


We don’t just make the lives of people easier; we’ve also entered the corporate world to spread own charm around with our products. We provide Corporate Gifting for different multinationals along with their company logo and customization as per the requirements. Do get in touch with us on (hello@flintstop.com) for corporate orders. 


Where can you find us?

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Head Office

317, Mahalaxmi Industrial Estate, Premises Co-Operative Society Limited, DS Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Contact : +91 8448448790

Email: hello@flintstop.com